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Quantifying care: How E4E Relief is making a difference in emergency financial relief

September 19, 2023 - Our partners at From Day One recently sat down with E4E Relief President and CEO Holly Welch Stubbing to discuss ImpactStack℠, our innovative approach to measuring the social and business outcomes of emergency financial relief. “In the midst of

Readiness, Climate disasters, Human resources

Disaster Philanthropy Practices 2023: Spotlight on Employees

In The Media, Financial well-being, Human resources

Forbes: How to support employees through personal financial challenges

E4E Relief In the Media

In The Media, Financial well-being, Human resources

Forbes: How to support employees through personal financial challenges

September 14, 2023 - In parts of the United States hit hard by natural disasters, people are facing a new challenge: the loss of insurance. Over the past several months, multiple insurance companies have announced they will no longer offer new policies in disaster-prone

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Inspired Investing: Blurring the lines between business, social impact and giving to individuals

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E4E Relief selects Tipalti to accelerate global payment processes

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Compassionate relief in disasters: Strategies for timely support

In times of disaster, companies must take quick action to support their employees. Employee Relief Programs can provide valuable expertise and experience to help…

Conscious capitalism and employee relief: A marriage of two passions

Earlier this year, I joined E4E Relief as the organization’s first-ever chief product officer. It was one of those opportunities that rarely come over the course of a…

What trends will impact your workforce in 2023?

At E4E Relief, we recently identified four key areas that are on track to affect business and workforce strategy, as well as corporate sustainability and success. Here’s…

The Impact Of Natural Disasters On Your Workforce And How To Prepare

A brief scan of the news on any given morning will turn up reports of climate-related disasters around the world. In 2022 alone, wildfires burned the second-largest area…

Build A Better World Of Work By Prioritizing Employee Well-Being

The Future Workplace 2021 HR Sentiment survey found that 68% of senior HR leaders (of which 40% were CHROs) rated employee well-being and mental health as top…

The ‘S’ In ESG: What HR Leaders Need To Know

Over the past two years, the Great Resignation has put a spotlight on human resources (HR) leaders and the critical role they play within an organization. They define…

Why your employees’ financial well-being matters

Money-related stress is at its highest recorded levels since 2015. This troubling statistic comes from the American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America…

Helping Employees Meet Financial Hardships

The pandemic showed that a crisis can strike anyone at any time. And because crises can severely impact employees and workplaces, disaster relief should be part of a…

Organizational practices for holiday employee support

The holidays are a festive time of year, but for some, these weeks can take a serious emotional and financial toll — particularly among those who have been faced with…

E4E Relief impact survey finds housing as top employee need

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the state of affordable housing in our country was a growing issue.

The positive impact of employee relief during COVID-19

Employee relief programs have become a crucial part of businesses worldwide, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. E4E Relief specializes in providing rapid financial…

Why E4E Relief is rising

In the wake of natural disasters and other crises like the pandemic, employees often find themselves facing financial hardship. This can be a difficult time for anyone,…