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Inspired Investing: Blurring the lines between business, social impact and giving to individuals

Our CEO, Holly Welch Stubbing, recently joined Inspired Investing, a podcast from AllianceBernstein, for a wide-ranging interview. Holly and host Clare Golla, national managing director of philanthropic services at AllianceBernstein, discussed what happens when you connect the dots between business and philanthropy. 

"We knew that our solution had to be efficient, smart and an excellent experience, but it also has to provide our team with the information necessary for our grant specialists and our quality specialists to review, to parse the information and to make decisions," Holly said in the interview. "And I think the investments we've made are at the core of the strategy to rise to meet the growing demand you articulated because of these kinds of trends. In essence, we find ourselves sitting in the middle of what many people call climate adaptation strategies, of which we are one." 

We are grateful to Clare and the Inspired Investing podcast for hosting us and for your interest in this important work. 

Listen to the full episode here.

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