Where workforce well-being meets impact – a virtual session at From Day One

In today's ever-changing landscape, companies face a myriad of challenges that not only affect their workforce but also the broader community and the supply chain. Climate disasters, geopolitical events, and shifting economic conditions have put employee well-being at the forefront of business concerns. The question on every leader's mind is: How can we support our workforce in a way that creates a positive impact for individuals in need and the companies they serve? 

On July 26, E4E Relief's Ashley Oster and Blue Cross Blue Shield NC's Sophie McMillian joined forces to lead an insightful webinar during From Day One's virtual conference, The new keys to employee satisfaction, recognition and retention. Together, they answered these questions and more, sharing best practices in taking care of the people who power your business. 

Recent data has shed light on a disheartening reality: 54% of employees believe their current company doesn’t care about their well-being, while 76% say they are more drawn to companies that show genuine concern. This sentiment poses a significant issue as businesses have been investing in workforce wellness for years, and yet, employees still feel unappreciated and unsupported. 

Complete the form below to watch the free webinar and discover the biggest threats to employee well-being and how these can also impact your business and the broader community. You will also learn what compassionate companies are doing to resolve these challenges and measure their impact and data on how doing good is good for business. 

Watch now: Tackling Threats to Employee Well-Being

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