The key to operating at a global scale? Get your words right

In business (and in life), the words we use matter. We see this every day, whether in formal documentation or casual conversation. When we are thoughtful and intentional with our language, we create deeper connections, expand our influence and increase our impact. But what happens when your business expands outside your native country and language?

This was the question E4E Relief faced as our business grew to serve companies with employees in more than 120 countries. To answer it, we launched our Native Translations Package earlier this year. With this feature enabled, applicants can apply for relief in 12 distinct languages covering over 80% of the connected world. We carefully selected the languages with a focus on reach and accessibility for front-line workers in a global economy.

In our AI-driven reality, translation sounds like a simple task. After all, your web browser offers translations in a matter of seconds. However, if you’ve ever used machine translations, you understand their inherent complications. Technology is notoriously literal in its translations, neglecting the subtleties of human language in favor of translating word-for-word. It doesn’t consider cultural context, nor does it take into account the intention behind the words, both of which are vital to arrive at an accurate translation. And in our business, accuracy is paramount.

E4E Relief provides financial relief to individuals in need, on behalf of the companies they serve. These individuals apply to their companies for charitable grants during times of personal hardship or natural disasters – moments when timing is everything and need is running high. A current and tragic example can be found in the recent wildfires in Hawaii. Several of our clients have employees in the impacted region. They lost their homes and, in some cases, their loved ones, and through our programs, those individuals have been able to access vital financial relief grants to support their financial well-being during a tremendously challenging time.

As we all know, disasters like this are not unique to the United States, nor are they a rare occurrence. Countries around the world are experiencing these events with increasing frequency and intensity. As E4E Relief expanded our international relief programs to serve companies with employees in more than 120 countries, we learned how to navigate and comply with rigorous international standards and regulations. We refined the process of providing relief in international currencies. And now we have made a meaningful investment to ensure our emergency financial relief solution is more seamlessly accessible across 80% of the connected world.

Our applicants come to us at a time of stress and need. Given that, we didn’t want to create additional obstacles or confusion with automated translations. Instead, we hired native speakers to translate our platform into 11 languages. Those speakers painstakingly combed through every aspect of our application portal, ensuring precision across our digital applicant experience. If individuals have questions, we also offer a global, 24/7 customer service center that provides support in more than 200 languages. This work cements our organization as the leader in international emergency financial relief, and new and existing clients now have the option to incorporate translations into their emergency financial relief platforms and provide relief to their key stakeholders just about anywhere in the world.

We live in an increasingly global society. And while technology may have streamlined communication, it has not yet caught up to the sophistication of human language. At E4E Relief, we’re bridging that gap so we can bring the ultimate in customer and applicant experience to every individual and company we work with – and, in the process, deliver maximum impact in communities around the world.

To learn more about how our programs can support your workforce in the U.S. and around the world, send us a message! A member of our team will be in touch soon to learn more about your organization and your goals and how E4E Relief can best support you. 

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