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The Conference Board releases new report on current practices in measuring and reporting on corporate citizenship

The Conference Board recently released a new report, sponsored by E4E Relief, that focuses on the measurement and reporting of corporate citizenship activities.

This report includes insights from four expert roundtables, as well as a survey of executives at leading companies across the U.S. conducted by The Conference Board. Our CEO, Holly Welch Stubbing, was among the many esteemed leaders who took part in the roundtables, sharing the insights she has gleaned through her vast experience in emergency financial relief, as well as in the launch of ImpactStack℠, our work focused on measuring the impact of emergency financial relief grants on individuals and the companies they serve.

The report’s main takeaways include:

  • There is significant room for improving and increasing the consistency of corporate citizenship reporting. In fact, 35% of executives say they are dissatisfied with the current state of their company’s reporting, and 81% said they expect it to become more challenging in the future.
  • The lack of general standards and measurement guidance leave many companies with little direction. The report found that 60% of firms aspire to have more consistent outcome reporting.
  • Companies should collaborate with their nonprofit partners to cocreate measurement and reporting frameworks, interpret data and attribute results. This could strengthen these partnerships and their impact over the long term.

This is just a snapshot of the insights you will find inside this comprehensive and thought-provoking report. Click here to read it in full.

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