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Disaster Philanthropy Practices 2023: Spotlight on Employees

This year, E4E Relief partnered with The Conference Board, a New York-based think tank, on its annual corporate disaster philanthropy report, which surveyed businesses across the U.S. to understand their approach to disaster philanthropy, as well as emerging trends, insights and opportunities. One of the key findings from this year's report: Employees have the broadest influence in shaping corporate disaster response efforts, influencing the response at 93% of firms. That's more influence than the CEO and the other members of the C-suite, and companies say employees will exert an even bigger influence in the years ahead. 

“For most companies, ensuring the safety of their employees is the top priority during disasters. In fact, 69 percent of companies provide direct financial assistance through a dedicated employee relief fund,” said Holly Welch Stubbing, President and CEO of E4E Relief. “The financial and social impact of emergency relief on employees can be profound, which in turn generates tangible business benefits for the company and its stakeholders.”

For more insights, download the full report here

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